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Yusuf and his best friend Memo are Kurdish pupils at a boarding school secluded in the Anatolian mountains. When Memo falls mysteriously ill, Yusuf is forced to struggle through the bureaucratic obstacles put up by the school’s repressive authorities to try to help him. When the adults finally understand the seriousness of Memo’s condition and try to get him to the hospital, the school is cut off from the world by a heavy snowfall. With no way out and now desperate to find help, teachers and pupils engage in a blame game where grudges, feelings of guilt and hidden secrets emerge, as time ticks mercilessly on.

Film Festivals

Berlin International Film Festival 2021- Winner FIPRESCI Prize | Sarajevo Film Festival 2021- Winner Audience Award | Haifa International Film Festival 2021- Winner Golden Anchor Award - Special Mention | Fajr Film Festival 2021- Winner Kurdish Cinema Competition | Chicago International Film Festival 2021- Winner New Directors Competition

Giffoni Film Festival 2021- Nominee Best Film