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Avijatrik is sequel to the classic Apu Trilogy,directed by Satyajit Ray.The plot takes off from whereTrilogy ended in1959with Apur Sansar.The story is based on concluding part of the epic novel Aparajito& Apu is set to return after60years. Audiences will also witness comeback of other reminiscing characters s like Aparna,RanuDi and introduction of Leela -the childhood sweetheart of Apu.Film focuses on Apu’s overwhelming desire to explore the world outside,The story revolves around a sublime bond between Apu and his 6year old son Kajol wherein both are dependent on each other. Apu\\\\\\\'s globetrotter friend,Shankar triggers passion of wanderlust in them.Yearning for new beginnings,Apu bids farewell to his village,city& motherland as they embark on a spirited journey in a faraway unknown land.

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Kolkata International Film Festival 2020- Nominee Best Indian Film, Best Director | Miami Film Festival 2021- Nominee Knight Marimbas Award