Bengaluru International Film Festival - BIFFES


A thief is cheating on people and living a happy life. The way he grew up to be a thief and the unexpected developments are responsible. One day when the police go to catch him, he escapes. When he steals a house, he falls into the darkness of a village in the dark. The well is next to the cemetery. From the orphanage, a man named Bikra was buried there. He will come and help lift the thief and take care of the sprained leg. The thief will stay in the cemetery for two days. Bikra's daughter is in love with one. Both were in relationship. As a result of her love, she became pregnant before marriage. She is waiting for the arrival of her lover, but the hero of the film has killed her lover. Knowing that, he decides to repent and give Life to the heroine.

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