Panorama Of Contemporary Indian Cinema

A Running River is all Legs

Original Title : Hariva Nadige Maiyella Kaalu
Director : Babu Eshwar Prasad
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Duration : 94 minutes
Year : 2020
Panorama Of Contemporary Indian Cinema


The film is a meditation on the act of walking through the lives of three principal characters: Kumar, a photojournalist disenchanted with his regular job, visits different places seeking new sources of inspiration; Neelu, a salesgirl in a shoe shop with a set routine, is only interested in watching people walk; and Amaresha, an elderly prisoner, alleviates his feelings of confinement by walking to imagined places within his cell. The camera follows the gaze of the characters, trained to different directions, in some cases the ground and in others the sky, experiencing how they relate to the world around them, the minute details they observe, and their sense of time and place. Moving between dream and reality, the film is an exploration of the inner and outer landscapes they encounter.

Babu Eshwar Prasad


Babu Eshwar Prasad is a trained artist with an interest in sculpture, sound, photography, and film. He has also made two films—Gaalibeeja (Wind Seed) and Hariva Nadige Maiyella Kaalu (A Running River is All Legs). Prasad’s work has been showcased at Sakshi Gallery, Bodhi Art, Gallery Sumukha, MAMI, and the Mumbai Film Festival, amongst others.


– Shrunga BV
– MN Swamy
– Menaka Neotia


– Written and Directed by: Babu Eshwar Prasad
– Editor: MN Swamy
– DOP: B R Viswanath
– Production Company: Moving Focus Pictures


Mysore Dasara Film Festival 2022
Indian Film Festival Bhubaneshwar 2023
Bengaluru International Centre (BIC) 2022
NGMA Bengaluru 2022