Original Title: AADHIVAASI
Director : Vijeesh Mani
Country : India
Language : Muduga
Duration : 126 minutes
Year : 2022


This film tells the story of a mentally unstable man, Madhu, who was brutally lynched by some youths from the area where he lived alone, inside the forest. The reason for Madhu’s mental illness and his love for the forest is explored in the film. It is suggested that Madhu’s illness was caused by his concern over the diminishing of the forest area around his hamlet due to deforestation and other man-made damages. After leaving his family and all of his possessions in the uncaring society, Madhu decided to live in the forest to take care of it. However, because of his mental illness, he started hearing a voice, the voice of “Mother Nature”, from a broken transistor radio. The voice told him about her sufferings due to the greed of human beings and Madhu became very sad. This pushed him towards deep depression and he eventually died in the forest.

Vijeesh Mani


Vijeesh Mani, a well-known Indian filmmaker. Mani is best known for his film Vishwaguru, which set a new Guinness World Record in 51 hours and 2 minutes. He has also directed two other films, Namo and Netaji. Muduga, Mani’s next directorial, is written by Screenplay legend Vijayendra Prasad and is expected to start soon.


– Sarath Kumar
– Rajesh B
– Raji P Kurin
– Chandran
– Vaduki K


– Director: Vijeesh Mani
– Producer: Sohan Roy
– Editor: B. LENIN
– Screenplay: Vijeesh Mani
– Dialogues: Vijeesh Mani
– DOP: P.Murugeswaran
– Sound: Ganesh Marar
– Music: Ratheesh Vega


Mumbai Entertainment International Film Festival

Babasaheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar International Film Festival
Rajasthan International Film Festival