Cinema of the world


Director : Carla Simón
Country : Spain,Italy
Language : Catalan
Duration : 120 minutes
Year : 2022
Cinema of the world


The life of a family of peach farmers in a small village in Catalonia changes when the owner of their large estate dies and his lifetime heir decides to sell the land, suddenly threatening their livelihood

Carla Simón


Carla Simón Pipó is a Spanish film director. Both her 2017 debut feature Summer 1993 and her second feature, Alcarràs, were submitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to represent Spain for Best International Feature Film at the 90th and 95th Academy Awards, respectively.


– Josep Abad
– Jordi Pujol Dolcet
– Anna Otin


– Director: Carla Simón
– Producer: Tono Folguera, Sergi Moreno
– Editor: Ana Pfaff
– Dop: Daniela Cajías
– Music: Andrea Koch

Awards and Nominations

Asian World Film Festival 2022 – Winner
Snow Leopard Award –
(Best Actress)
Busan International Film Festival 2022 – Nominee
New Currents Award –
(Best Film)