A Tribute: Sembene

Black Girl

Original Title : La noire de
Director : Ousmane Sembene
Country : Senegal, France
Language : French
Duration : 65 minutes
Year : 1966
A Tribute: Sembene


A Senegalese woman is eager to find a better life abroad. She takes a job as a governess for a French family, but finds her duties reduced to those of a maid after the family moves to the south of France. In her new country, she is constantly made aware of her race and mistreated by her employers.

Ousmane Sembene


Ousmane Sembène (French: [usman sɑ̃bɛn]; 18 January 1923 – 9 June 2007), often credited in the French style as Sembène Ousmane in articles and reference works, was a Senegalese film director, producer and writer. The Los Angeles Times considered him one of the greatest authors of Africa and he has often been called the “father of African film”. Descended from a Serer family through his mother from the line of Matar Sène, Ousmane Sembène was particularly drawn to Serer religious festivals especially the Tuur festival.


– Mbissine Thérèse Diop
– Anne-Marie Jelinek
– Robert Fontaine


– Director: Ousmane Sembene
– Producer: André Zwobada
– Editor: Andre Gaudier
– Writer: Ousmane Sembene
– Dop: Christian Lacoste

Awards and Nominations

Winner- Carthage Film Festival 1966 (Tanit d’Or)
Winner – Prix Jean Vigo 1966 (Feature Film)