Panorama Of Contemporary Indian Cinema

Dhuin (Fog)

Original Title : Dhuin
Director : Achal Mishra
Country : India
Language : Hindi , Maithili
Duration : 50 minutes
Year : 2021
Panorama Of Contemporary Indian Cinema


Pankaj is a small-town theatre actor with dreams of making it big in Mumbai. But faced with obligations to his family, which is under a deep financial strain post the lockdown, he is forced to weigh his dreams and make a choice.

Achal Mishra


Achal Mishra is a 25-year-old filmmaker and photographer from Darbhanga, Bihar. His debut feature film Gamak Ghar premiered at the 21st Mumbai Film Festival, and was awarded the Manish Acharya Award for New Voices in Indian Cinema. Dhuin is his second film.


– Abhinav Jha
– Bijay Kumar Sah
– Prashant Rana
– Ankush Prasad
– Satyendra Jha


– Director : Achal Mishra
– Producer: Achal Mishra
– Editor: Achal Mishra
– Writer : Abhinav Jha, Achal Mishra
– Music: Tajdar Junaid
– Sound : Ankush Prasad
– Cinematography: Anand Bansal