Country Focus –
South Korea


Director : Yong-ho Hong
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Duration : 101 minutes
Year : 2022
Country Focus – South Korea


Jung-min, a rookie lawyer, becomes Yoona’s public attorney, as she is accused of murdering her husband. Against a nasty prosecutor, a mysterious judge, and all the suspicions surrounding the defendant, Jung-min seeks to unravel the truth behind the conspiracies of the case.

Yong-ho Hong


“Yong-ho Hong is a South korean Filmmaker. He has studied at the Korea National University of Arts majoring in Filmmaking.
He directed short films such as For a Better Life (2016), The Verdict (2018), and CVS Dance (2019). He adapted two feature films Heart Blackened
(2017) and Innocent Witness (2019) .He directed Havana (2022).”


– Yoo Da-in
– Kang Min-Hyuk
– Gong Sang-ah
– Jo Min-wook


– Director: Yong-ho Hong
– Producer: LEE Sanghyun
– Editor: KIM Hyunbeom
– Writer: Yong-ho Hong
– Dop: HWANG Kyunghyun
– Sound: KIM Youngho
– Music: JEONG Hyunsoo