Country Focus –
South Korea


Director : Shin Su-won
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Duration : 108 minutes
Year : 2021
Country Focus – South Korea


Hommage’ means respect in French and is a movie about a middle-aged woman who struggled with her dreams and her daily life as a film director as she unfolds her journey of restoring a film of a female director from the 60s. It is a movie that raises the question of what a film is.

Shin Su-won


Su-won Shin is known for Passerby #3 (2010), Madonna (2015) and Light for the Youth (2019).


– Lee Jeong-eun
– Hae-hyo Kwon
– Tang Joon-sang


– Director: Shin Su-won
– Producer: Francis C.K. Lim, Shin Su-won
– Editor: Son Jin-woo
– Writer: Shin Su-won
– Dop: Yun Ji-woon


Winner – Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2022
(Best Performance)

Nominee-Buil Film Awards 2022
(Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best New Actor)
Nominee-Calgary International Film Festival 2022
(International Narrative Competition)