Naanu Kusuma

Original Title: Naanu Kusuma
Director : Krishne Gowda
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Duration : 105 minutes
Year : 2022
Kannada Cinema Competition


Kusuma is the voice of a voiceless woman in a polluted system who is struggling with the effects of a male-dominated society. Her father was a cultured, caring man who had a dream of making his daughter a doctor, but he passed away before he could realize this dream. Now, Kusuma is under the care of her uncle and aunt, with her son as her future fiancé. However, tragedy strikes when the financial crisis hit and Kusuma was forced to drop her doctor career to take a nursing one. She then gets a government job on compensatory grounds for her father. However, her colleagues under the influence of bribery, theft, and character assassination trap and destroy her career. She records her feelings and statement about the situation in a video and sends it to DHO daughter, explaining what happened to her.

Krishne Gowda


Krishne Gowda, was actively involved in cultural activities during his student days, which brought him to theatre, TV and Cinema as actor, producer and director. He produced more than 15 films and acted in many. He served as Jury member in BIFFes. His recent production `PINKI ELLI’ is acclaimed globally, participating in Prestigious International Film Festivals and won laurels. `NAANU KUSUMA’ is directed by him along with the production.


– Greeshma Sridhar
– Sanatani Joshi
– Cauvery Sridhar
– Krishne Gowda


– Director: Krishne Gowda
– Producer: Krishne Gowda
– Screenplay : Krishne Gowda
– Dialogue : Krishne Gowda & Eldas
– DOP : Arjunaraja
– Sound Mixing : Sriram
– Production Company : Sapthagiri Creations


Indian Panorama
Nominated For ICFT – UNESCO Gandhi Medal Award 2022
Rajasthan International Film Festival