Kannada Cinema Competition


Original Title: Kanaka Marga
Director : Vishal Raj DFA
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Duration : 144 minutes
Year : 2022
Kannada Cinema Competition


A government school in India decides to stage a play about the great poet Kanakadasa. The main character, Vedik, is the son of a local MLA, and his goal is to build a political career by forcing Vedik to attend the school. When Vedik finds it hard to portray Kanakadasa’s role convincingly, the play is temporarily halted by MLA’s influence. However, a fine turn of events leads to Vedik changing his mind and turning to philosophy instead. This newfound interest in Kanakadasa’s life and work inspires Vedik to help the poor, and his parents eventually realize this and take him to a variety of professionals to try and fix him. In the end, Vedik performs Kanakadasa’s role in the play and wins first prize. Everyone in the audience appreciates his newfound interest in learning and life.



Vishal Raaj has completed his diploma in performing arts and guided by eminent theatre and film personalities. He worked with Dev Anand and other film makers for 6 years in Mumbai. His debut directorial feature film was “Shivani” in kannada and he also directed many features films “Minchu” “Ingale Maarga”, “Savithri Bai Phule” “July 22nd 1947”, “Danthapurana”, “Dandi” and won many accolades, state & International awards.


– Master Skanda Tejas
– Baby Sanvi
– Suchendra Prasad
– Girisha Jatti
– Shankar Narayana


– Director : Vishal Raj DFA
– Screenplay : Vishal Raj DFA
– Dialogue : Vasantha Reddy – Dr Jagannath R Genanna
– Editor : Sai Nithin Raj
– Dop : Pramod Bharathiya
– Sound Mixing : Ramakrishna
– Music : Ramakrishna
– Production Company : Avva Productions