Original Title : Kubusa
Director : Raghu Ramcharan
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Duration : 135 minutes
Year : 2022

Kannada Cinema Competition


Sunkavva is a stone-breaker from a village in the Bayalu region of Karnataka in India. She is married to an irresponsible drunkard, and they live alone in the village. One day, while she is on midwife duty, she finds an orphan baby. She takes care of the baby, provides education and helps him to get a job. The baby grows up and is successful, so he invites Sunkavva to the city to live with him. However, she is hesitant and finds it hard to adjust to life in the city. She fights against the cultural differences. Will she be able to adjust forms the core of the story.

Raghu Ramcharan


Raghu Ramcharan has previously worked as an assistant director in films like kannanachali, Charminar, Govindapura Badri and Kho Kho. He also acted in Mr. Perfect, Naanu Mattu Gunda and a few others. Kubusa is his directorial debut.


– Nataraj Bhat
– Mahalakshmi
– Hanumakka
– Manjamma Jogathi
– Anika Ramya
– Manjunath Arya


– Director : Raghu Ramcharan
– Producer : V Shobha
– Screenplay : Raghu Ramcharan
– Dialogue : Raghu Ramcharan
– Editor : Arjun Kittu
– DOP : Chethan Sharma. A
– Music : Pradeep Chandra
– Production Company : V Shobha Cinimas