Asian Cinema Competition

Lady of the City

Original Title : Shahrbanoo
Director : Maryam Bahrololumi
Country : Iran
Language : Persian
Duration : 80 minutes
Year : 2022
Asian Cinema Competition


Shahrbanoo (which is a name means “Lady of the City” in the Persian language) is a mother of three, who has been sentenced to life in prison for drug transferring. After eleven years in jail, she was released from prison for a few days to attend her son’s wedding. However, this temporary freedom confronts her with another aspect of her life and that of her family before returning to prison.

Maryam Bahrololumi


Maryam Sadat Bahrololumi (in short, Maryam Bahrololumi) was born on 11-05-1985 (Tehran-Iran). She has a degree in Art & Studied in the field of Cinema at the Istanbul University of Turkey. She worked as an assistant director from 2005 until 2018 so she is an active Member of the Tehran Association of Film Assistant Directors of the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds. She made a few short films too & received an Appreciation as a Short Filmmaker from Parliament for Richmond Hill, Ontario-Canada in 2014, Patio is the first feature film made by her as a Director, Common Scriptwriter & Executive Producer. She won the best Asian Director at 36th FIFF & Best women Filmmaker at 18th DHAKA international film festival by Patio. Lady of the City is her second movie.


– Fereshteh Sadr arfaei
– Behnaz Jafari
– Gelareh Abbasi
– Saman Saffari


– Director: Maryam Bahrololumi
– Screenplay: Pejman Teymoortash
– Editor: Sina Ganjavi
– DOP: Masoud Amini Tirani
– Sound: Mahmoud Mousavi nejad
– Music: Amiryal Arjmand