Made in Bengaluru

Original Title : Made in Bengaluru
Director : Pradeep K Sastry
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Duration : 179 minutes
Year : 2022
Kannada Cinema Competition


Made in Bengaluru is about the city’s spirit, its people, and the many different aspects of life that exist in the city. The film follows the journey of three young men who start a startup in the city, and the challenges they face in trying to find investors and get their business off the ground. The city’s spirit is central to the film, and the different cultures that exist in the city are reflected in the characters and the events in the film.

Pradeep K Sastry


Pradeep K. Sastry has directed over fifty commercials, corporate films and documentaries for major automobile brands, digital healthcare and industrial brands, brands in the FMCG segments and services. He also directed a one-minute film for the Government of India that was screened to the Prime Minister. He has also written and directed plays from tragedies to social dramas, streetplays to interactive experiments, and his film, ‘Made in Bengaluru,’ which focuses on the motherly spirit of Bengaluru and her character to heartfully cradle thousands of new startups founded by people from diverse backgrounds and geographies.


– Anant Nag
– Madhusudhan Govind
– Saikumar
– Prakash Belawadi
– Puneeth Manja
– Vamshidhar
– Himanshi Varma
– Shankarmurthy
– Vineeth Beep Kumar
– Sudha Belawadi
– Manjunath Hegde
– Mandeep Rai
– Harish Prabhath
– Ramesh Bhat
– Dimpy Fadhya


– Director : Pradeep K Sastry
– Screenplay : Pradeep K Sastry
– Dialogue : Pradeep K Sastry
– Editor : Shanth Kumar – Prashanth Nayaka
– DOP : Bajarang Konatham
– Sound : Ravi Hiremath & Rahul Rajan Sthayi
– Sync Sound : Ravi Hiremath
– Music: Ashwin P Kumar
– Production Company : Rajani Thursday Stories