Kannada Cinema Competition


Original Title : Nalke
Director : Thripthi Sundar Abhikar
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Duration : 125 minutes
Year : 2022
Kannada Cinema Competition


Vishwambhara leaves his hometown in his youth after disagreements with his family members over his love of Yakshagana theatre. He returns to his hometown in his 80s, hoping to find that everything has changed and that his friends, relations, and acquaintances have all moved on. However, the youths of the town are fighting with the forest department over a proposed road that would pass through the forest, and the elderly people are apathetic and unable to live their lives. One day, Vishwambhara goes missing and is presumed dead.

Thripthi Sundar Abhikar


Thripthi Sundar Abhikar is an independent filmmaker and runs the production house, Shloka Movies. She has a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication and has been working in the film industry for many years, assisting some of the top directors. Her first feature-length movie, Nalke, was written, directed and produced by her.


– Late. Shivaram S
– Avinash Jayaram
– M K Mata
– Gopal Deshpande
– Giriraj B M


– Director: Thripthi Sundar Abhikar
– Producer: Thripthi Sundar Abhikar
– Screenplay: Thripthi Sundar Abhikar
– Dialogue: Thripthi Sundar Abhikar
– Editor: Naveen Shetty
– DOP: Kiran Hampapur
– Sound Mixing: Johnsondurai T
– Music: Joel Dubba And Abhilash Lakra
– Production Company: Shloka Movies