A Session Of Kannada Popular Cinema

Namma Bhaarata

Director : Kumaraswamy
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Duration : 118 minutes
Year: 2019
A Session Of Kannada Popular Cinema


This story takes place in the 90s. Siddha is a 10-year-old boy, his parents have gone to Kodagu to find work. He grows up with his grandfather who was a freedom fighter, who donated his property for the country. An ideal person living without taking any privileges of the government. To impose his ideals on people he got a nick name Tikkalu taata. Siddha finds his grandfather’s discipline difficult at first to adopt, but later he inculcates patriotism and discipline in his life. Once He hoist the national flag over his house. Then it would be a crime . In order to save Siddha from punishment, his grandfather takes the blame and goes to jail. Disturbed by this, the boy not only talks about Rashtra Daja but also starts a legal battle to save his grandfather from punishment.



Kumaraswamy studied cinematography in SJP college 1994-1997 batch and started his career as a cinematographer. Since two decades he has worked with a number of indian legendary Actors and Technicians like Prakash Mehra, Puttanna Kanagal, Devanand and so on. This is a patriotic film in his Direction


– Master Prajwal
– Vageesh
– Amala
– Gopinath
– Arjun


– Production House : Neela Neelakanta Films
– Director – Kumaraswamy
– Producer : Kumaraswamy
– DOP – Kumaraswamy
– Srory – Screenplay – Dialogues : Ravishankar Mirle
– Music : Kumar Eshwar
– Lyrics : Bande Nagaraj
– Editor : Sanjeev Reddy