Panorama Of Contemporary Indian Cinema

Nine Hills One Valley

Original Title : Nine Hills One Valley
Director : Haobam Paban Kumar
Country : India
Language : Meitei & Tangkhul
Duration : 75 minutes
Year: 2021
Panorama Of Contemporary Indian Cinema


Anam Ahum, a Tangkhul from the hill, travels to Imphal city in the valley to meet his daughter before she leaves for New Delhi for further studies. During the course of the journey, he encounters different people and their stories, making us witness to the brutishness of ethnic conflicts. Yet, in the face of distressed memories, hope thrives.

Haobam Paban Kumar


Haobam Paban Kumar is a prominent voice emitting out of the restive north eastern state of Manipur, India dabbling in both non-fiction and fiction storytelling. His film AFSPA 1958 was awarded the Golden Lotus for the Best Documentary at the 56th National Film Awards 2008. A CRY IN THE DARK is another film screened at the 31st Toronto Film Festival 2006 and MOMA New York 2007. After nearly a decade of documentary filmmaking, he made his critically acclaimed feature film Loktak Lairembee (Lady of the Lake) which featured at 67th Berlin Film Festival 2017 and New Currents, 21st Busan International Film Festival 2016. NINE HILLS ONE VALLEY is his second narrative feature film


– Anam Ahum


– Director : Haobam Paban Kumar
– Producers: Warepam Jhansirani and Haobam Paban Kumar
– Writer : Haobam Paban Kumar and Sankhajit Biswas
– Cinematographer: Ranjan Palit and Irom Maipak
– Editor: Sankhajit Biswas
– Sound : Sukanta Majumdar
– Production Company: Oli Pictures