Cinema of the world


Director : Amir Toodehroosta
Country : Iran
Language : Farsi
Duration : 91 minutes
Year : 2023
Cinema of the world


In an Iranian kindergarten where boys and girls are still allowed to attend together despite strict Iranian laws, the curious little boy Roham falls in love with Rana and discovers the complicated secrets of her personal life.

Amir Toodehroosta


Born in Karaj, Iran. He graduated from Sooreh University of Teheran in 2005. He has been working as a filmmaker since 1997 – since he was 15 years old. He has made 12 short films and two documentaries. In 2007 he started working at an advertising company and has made many advertising films. PAAT is his first feature-length film.


– Ayhan Shaygan
– Shabnam Dadkhah
– Nora Hanifeh Zadeh
– Rayan Razmi
– Kiana Mehdi Abadi


– Director: Amir Toodehroosta
– Producer: Amir Toodehroosta
– Writer: Amir Toodehroosta
– Dop: Soroush Alizadeh
– Music: Fardin Khalatbari

Awards and Nominations

Nominee – Rotterdam International Film Festival 2023 (Tiger Award)