Kannada Cinema Competition


Original Title : Photo
Director : Utsav Gonwar
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Duration : 97 minutes
Year: 2022
Kannada Cinema Competition


The story follows a father and son who are trying to escape the Covid-19 pandemic. They are from a village 450 kilometers away from Bengaluru, and they took shelter in a shed in the city when the pandemic started. The father is worried about the pandemic and decides to return home with his son. On the way, they face many challenges, including the heat and weather, which are very difficult to deal with.

Utsav Gonwar


Utsav Gonwar is a debutant director who has been working in the Kannada Film Industry from the past 7 years. He comes from Gonwar, Raichur. He got into making this movie when he had read an article about a migrant worker’s difficulty during the corona virus lockdown, that motivated him to write a script and later develop that into this film, that is “Photo”


– Mahadev Hadapad
– Sandya Arakere
– Jahangeer
– Veeresh


– Director: Utsav Gonwar
– Producer: Sachin R
– Screenplay: Utsav Gonwar
– Dialogue : Utsav Gonwar
– Editor: Shivaraj Mehu
– DOP: Dinesh Divakaran
– Sound: Ravi Hiremath
– Production Company : Masari Talkies