Original Title: Anna
Director : Islahuddin NS
Country : India
Language : Kannada
Duration : 126 minutes
Year : 2022


In the 1980s, eight-year-old Maadeva is on a relentless quest for rice, but is never able to find enough to eat. One day, he is taken in by a wealthy landlord and is provided rice three times a day. Maadeva innocently asks if the landlord’s family is celebrating any festival that day, and is pleased to find out they are. The landlord’s wife breaks with social norms and takes Maadeva in as her own son, and Maadeva’s birth mother is determined to find him. When she does, he finds himself in the middle of a strange “Caucasian chalk circle.” The “haves,” represented by rice, and the “have nots,” represented by ragi, are in a tug of war that is about more than just child ownership. It’s also a battle motivated by the natural desire to escape one’s orbit and seek something beyond one’s own limitations. The movie celebrates motherhood and salutes farmers for their service to society.

Islahuddin NS


Islahuddin is a filmmaker who has written, directed, and acted in a number of plays. He learned how to tell stories and direct them from the famous theater director, Mr. Christian Stuckl, of the Volkstheater in Munich. He has directed commercial films, documentaries, corporate films, and TV shows. He has also worked as the creative content manager for Qyuki, which was the brainchild of director Shekhar Kapur and music genius AR Rahman. His first Kannada feature film, “Nodi Swamy Ivanu Irode Heege,” is a black comedy about suicide prevention and depression.


– Nandan GM
– Padmashree CR
– Dr. Bhuvana Mysore
– Sampath Maitreya
– Bala Rajawadi


– Director: Islahuddin NS
– Producer: Gagan Pictures
– Editor: Guruswamy T
– Screenplay: Islahuddin NS, BN Sidduprasanna,
Vishala Ramachandra Mahale, Sirish Vasista
– Dialogues: BN Sidduprasanna
– DOP: Madhu Sugata
– Sound: Shibin Naduveettil
– Music: Nagesh Kandegala