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Snow And The Bear

Director : Selcen Ergun
Country : Turkiye, Germany,Serbia
Language : Turkish
Duration : 93 minutes
Year : 2022
Cinema of the world


A newly appointed nurse in a small, snow-covered, boarder town where the winter surprisingly doesn’t come to an end. Rumors of bears rising early from winter-sleep. A man goes missing one night

Selcen Ergun


She was born in Ankara. She received her master’s degree from METU Industrial Product Design program. Then, she was accepted to Istanbul Bilgi University Cinema and Television graduate program with a scholarship. She gave lectures at METU Department of Industrial Design and Istanbul Bilgi University Faculty of Communication


– Derya Pinar Ak
– Erkan Bektas
– Asiye Dinçsoy
– Merve Dizdar


– Director : Selcen Ergun
– Producer : Selcen Ergun, Nail Aydin
– Cinematography : Florent Herry
– Editor : Cicek Kahraman
– Music : Erdem Helvacioglu

Awards and Nominations

Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival 2022
Winner – Behlül Dal Special Jury Award
(Best First Film)
Winner – Bosphorus Film Festival 2022
( Best Feature Film )
Nominee – Marrakech International Film Festival 2022 ( Best Feature Film)