Panorama Of Contemporary Indian Cinema

The Word and The Teacher

Original Title : Arivu Mattu Guruvu
Director : Prashant Pandit
Country : India
Language : Kannada / German / English
Duration : 80 minutes
Year : 2022
Panorama Of Contemporary Indian Cinema


What is it like to revisit an era that pioneered the spread of knowledge at the dawn of modernity, from the post-truth world of today? Modern ways of communication & transportation built on the ethos of hope & dedication, vision & purpose, was all about creating more divide & boundaries? This period film takes up a journey with Ferdinand Kittel, a missionary from Germany who served in southern India, mastered more than 2000-year-old language called Kannada and did monumental work in the field of lexicography & philology. Facing the wrath of his superiors, this “failed missionary” went on to transcend the boundaries of religion, language & geography to herald a new beginning. The film unfolds his challenging journey as a stream-of-consciousness, provoking the viewer to ponder upon the very essence of faith & belief, of speech & action, and that of words & meaning in today’s world.stakeholder.

Prashant Pandit


Prashant Pandit Writer, Director, Editor, Digital Workflow consultant Philosophy “The art of filmmaking is more about the form and filmmaker is the content”. In the post-truth world that is flooded with audio-visual content, online platforms and social media networks, the art of film-making has a real and special role to play.


– Prashant Pandit


– Director: Prashant Pandit
– Produced: Prashant Pandit
– Writer: Prashant Pandit, Michael Lambach
– Editor: Prashant Pandit
– Cinematography: Chidanand Geetha, Lokanatha, Florina Steiner, Prashant Pandit
– Music : Michael Lambach, Prasad Bhat